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On July 4, 2015, Patricia Long's Welsh Choral Symphony will have its world premiere in Cardiff, Wales, in Hoddinott Hall of the Millennium Center. Vocali of Austin, under the direction of Dr. Barry Scott Williamson, will combine with the renowned Cardiff Polyphonic Choir and Orchestra for this momentous performance.To join the tour that will include this world premiere, go to 2015 UK Tour and World Premiere in Cardiff.


In 2013, Long finished her 2nd symphony. (Actually, this would be the 3rd, considering her Welsh Choral Symphony, which is unnumbered.) This 4-movement symphony begins darkly with a six-note melodic theme inspired by the composer's granddaughter, Sydny Beryl DeMeyer, to whom the symphony is dedicated. This theme is heard again in the 4th movement. Long likes to put an unusual surprise in the 3rd movements of her orchestral works. This one is a Gershwin-like section in the middle of the movement that features some smooth jazz interplay between a solo tenor saxophone and a solo B-flat trumpet

Patricia Long's newest piano composition, "A la Milhaud," is a short piece that. marks a departure from her usual highly tonal style. Inspired by the French composer’s work, it is a modern, up-tempo, and exciting romp with an ever changing tonal center. Full of surprises, this clever piece uses every key on the piano at least once. To order a copy, contact Ms. Long.

Now available: Patricia Long’s Falling Up in Three Parts: Poems, Stories, and Pieces of Work.

Austin choral group Vocali presented an evening of works by Patricia Long under the baton of Dr. Barry Scott Williamson on June 19, 2010. A rapt audience experienced the world premiere of her three recently completed major works, Symphony No. 1 in D Major; Suite for Piano, Orchestra, and Special Percussion; and Mass in E-Flat “Millennium.” The performance featured a full orchestra, pianist Brett Bachus, the Vocali chorus, the Bethany UMC Chancel Choir, and vocal soloists at Hope Presbyterian Church, Austin. Ms. Long’s association with Maestro Williamson goes back several years to his tenure as founding Artistic Director of the Texas Choral Consort, when he led TCC in performances of several of her smaller choral works both in Austin and overseas.

Interview, KMFA-FM, 9 June 2010 (29:00)

In addition to Symphony No. 1, the Millennium Mass (1998) received its first complete performance, with more orchestration and a new Part II added to the Credo in late 2000. Rounding out the program was the Suite for Piano, Orchestra and Special Percussion (2006), a highly original five-movement work dedicated to the composer’s son, United States Navy pilot Austin M. Long IV (who came to town for the event), using strings, winds, brass, piano, a plethora of percussion instruments, and electric guitar.

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